Git - doamatto

This is the web root for all the GitHub pages I have.

This is the hub for all the things I have on GitHub Pages. Since you technically can come to this page, I figured I wouldn’t redirect it and instead give you a mini hub.


Q: I think I’m lost.. where’s home? A: You can get back home here

Q: Why make a hub when you can do a redirect? A: It’s mostly for SEO reasons. As far as I know, it’s not good to have the root of a domain (or subdomain, rather) redirect to somewhere else. So, I instead have this mini hub to answer some questions and what now.

Q: Do you have a list of all the things you have on GitHub Pages? A: I don’t for the simple reason of not wanting to maintain such a girthy list. I depened on GH pages a lot and use it often, so I can’t index it all here for everyone sadly.

Q: I saw a page like this before. Is that different? A: I only have one other site like this: the reference centre