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Nano for Jekyll

About Nano

Nano is a super lightweight Jekyll theme built to work great on all platforms, respect user privacy, and load at lightning-fast speeds.


Installing Nano is simple. Start by downloading the latest version of Nano via the releases page. Afterwards, using Gem, install bundler (gem install bundler). Then, run bundle install to install everything you need for Nano to work properly. You’re now ready to configure your installation and deploy wherever.


Many thanks to the Jekyll and RubyGems community for great documentation, allowing me to make this simply and swiftly.

Big thanks to the StackOverflow community; they helped me find some nice CSS workarounds for some things (like missing images). I quoted the posts I used when I used them.

Special thanks to Rishi for staying up late on the day before the launch of v0.3 to help fix some issues.